Who are we?

We are a company from Denver, CO. However, our sales team and warehouse are in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a company who specializes in Tesla Accessories since year of 2019.

Our team members come from different countries originally but we have one thing in common:
We are Tesla owners, and we love everything about the Tesla car.
We love to embellish our cars to make them look fancy and cool. We love to enhance them and make them more comfortable to drive. 
We also love the outdoor life. Activities like cycling, hiking, camping, and road trips.

Our Motto

As you can see from the brand name TESBEAUTY, we hope to make all our products not only useful and high quality, but also beautiful. We design exceptional products; we strive to make them stand out from all competitor products; and we design all the products by doing real daily life tests and by thinking from the perspective of Tesla owners. We always upgrade our products by collecting customers’ opinions and feedback. To sum up, our motto is to make quality Tesla accessories and make them beautiful.


Our Top Priority

Our top priority is definitely not to make as much money as we can. The top priority of us is to let customers know that our brand is reliable. Customers can count on us about all things they purchase from us. Our priority is to make customers be proud of this brand and be happy with their purchases from us. We hope to provide best customer service.


Why Shop with TESBEAUTY?

Unlike most other sellers of Tesla products, we are actual Tesla owners. As Tesla owners, we have high specifications for all our Tesla accessories, and we know best what other Tesla owners need and want.
We pay attention to the fine detail of our products to ensure their beauty and functionality of each item, like being comfortable, useful, and durable. 
The products we are selling are manufactured by ourselves in our own factory to the high Tesla standard. There are no middle men to inflate the price. So to shop with us, you get the quality products, and you will have the best deals here.