So Comfortable Tesla Model Y Mattress That I Do Not Want To Get Up.

So Comfortable Tesla Model Y Mattress That I Do Not Want To Get Up.
This mattress is a perfect fit for the frunk of the model Y. We do not use our frunk much, because it is tricky to close, so having something like this in there all the time is pretty convenient. Interestingly, the storage bag serves as a cooler bag. So this way, not only do you always have a bed with you just in case, but you always have a cooler bag. I don't know how many times I have gone to a store not planning to get meat or other thing that require a cooler, and then something is on sale, or something appeals to me. So, then I have to rush home rather than finish my errands. Now if I am out and about, and I buy something requiring a cooler, I can simply take the mattress out of the storage bag, and use the bag to keep things cool. The mattress can be tossed in the back seat, or in the trunk area.
My daughter wanted to stay up and watch the Eta Aquarid meteor shower this month. So I thought it would be great to go to a camp ground and car camp in the Tesla, using this mattress. She is 8, and above average size for an 8 year old, and I am 6 feet. We both slept comfortably on this mattress. I would describe it as smaller than a full but larger than a twin. The mattress is very soft, and at 220 lbs it did bottom out a little. A mattress topper would probably make this as comfortable as my bed at home, but for a night or two this is a perfect stand alone mattress. If I were sleeping on it for a week, I would want a topper. I have a latex mattress topper at home,. i would describe the sleep quality as, similar to a soft latex mattress. It it definitely not hot, or stiff like memory foam. The included sheet is a nice touch. It helps keep the mattress locked in place. It is not a 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen weave, but it is serviceable.
One small thing to pay attention to, make sure the mattress is pushed up close to the seat backs of the front seats. I did not, and my pillow kept falling down into the back seat floorboard. Also the next morning, I noticed that the rear hatch did not close completely, which kept the doors from locking during camp mode, and it also keeps some of the lights on all night. I thought it was just an annoying quirk of camp mode, but it was user error on my part. Make sure your hatch closes all the way. If it doesn't, then scoot your mattress towards the front of the car. Everything will fit fine, but user error is possible. This was totally my fault, and maybe no other human would make a similar mistake, but since this could be a security problem, I thought it worth mentioning.
I really like this mattress, and I am currently planning tow more camps, one with my cub scout for the council level pinewood derby in Ft Meyers. another with one of my teems, who is really interested in car camping. After this single trip, I absolutely can not wait to see what camping will be like in the Cybertruck, which I ordered years ago, and I am eagerly anticipating.