TESBEAUTY Mattress & Privacy Curtains For Tesla Model Y — CleanTechnica Tested

TESBEAUTY Mattress & Privacy Curtains For Tesla Model Y — CleanTechnica Tested

Hello everyone! My name is Paul Fosse. I got a chance to try out a TESBEAUTY mattress and privacy curtains. I concluded that it has a number of great features.

Setup is Fast & Easy

It took about 5 minutes for me to install on my own, but I could do it in 3 minutes now that I know how.

The Test With My Wife

My wife and I tested the mattress and privacy curtains out. I appreciated the board at the top of the mattress to support my pillow (otherwise, the mattress would sag, since the headrest would only support some of the top). The bed is a couple of inches longer and 4 inches wider than a standard twin, so there’s plenty of room for one person but it’s pretty tight for two (depending on the size and friendliness of the two people, of course).

Since I am 230 pounds (just over 100 kilos), I need a dense foam to support me when I sleep on my side. TESBEAUTY uses soft memory foam in the top and bottom sections but a high-density foam for the middle section to better support heavier people like me.

We liked that the privacy curtains are thick and reflect the heat. My wife appreciated the soft, high-thread-count sheet that is included.

It comes in an insulated bag that can be used as a cooler and fits perfectly in either the frunk or in the hidden truck of the Model Y.

Updated List of Reasons You Might Want to Sleep in Your Tesla

  1. If you live somewhere the power goes out and you don’t have home battery backup (like a Tesla Powerwall) or a generator, you might want to hang out in your car if it is hot out (like in Florida after every hurricane) or cold (like Texas when its power went out in February a couple years ago).
  2. If you take a long trip, you might want to sleep a couple hours at a rest stop (it’s legal to stay overnight in some areas, but not others). I found the com siteto be a handy resource when looking for a place to sleep. This article from The Road Trip Expert gave me some more ideas for places you can stay.
  3. If you want to camp at a campsite but you are afraid of the cold or heat or rain, or snow or bugs, putting a mattress in a Model Y is a lot cheaper than renting an RV. If the campsite has bathrooms and showers, great! Otherwise, it isn’t so great, but you can stop at a truck stop to clean up as you want.
  4. I visited my son in Orlando a few years ago and didn’t want to sleep on his couch because I didn’t want his cat to bother me, so I slept in the back of my Tesla Model 3 in his parking garage. It was pretty good because I had two foam mattress toppers to make it comfortable. A Model 3 has a lot less space than a Model Y, but it’s fine for one person.
  5. I went to a conference in Orlando in the summer and I had a meeting at 2pm and then a dinner at 7pm but nothing to do in between. I brought a small camping pad so that I could nap for two hours in the back of my Tesla Model Y in the parking lot of the hotel. The air conditioning was great, but the camping pad was only a half-inch thick, so it wasn’t very comfortable.
  6. My son-in-law goes walking on a busy trail in Colorado. People start lining up to enter this trail at 4am. It would be handy to get there and just sleep in the back until the trail opened.
  7. If you are staying for a bit in a place that has high housing and hotel prices, you might stay in your car for quite some time. You would need to be very organized and do some research to have a plan if you are asked to leave in the middle of the night. I would probably just find a less expensive Airbnb in another neighborhood, but this might work for some people.
  8. I used to have to drop off my son at school at 7:30am, but my work nearby didn’t start till 9am. I would sleep for an hour in the back seat of my Nissan Leaf. Issues were that it wasn’t that large a back seat and I didn’t have window shades and it would be awkward if someone saw me sleeping.
  9. When I dropped by kids off at a party an hour from my home and needed to pick them up in 3 hours, it wasn’t worth it to drive back home, so I would usually go shopping. If I had a bed in my car, I might take a nap.
  10. If you have a child or pet in your house that is making too much noise and you can’t sleep, go out to your Tesla and sleep there to get some peace and quiet.
  11. If you have more guests than your house or apartment can fit, put some of them in your Tesla.
  12. If your significant other kicks you out of bed, your Tesla may be more comfortable than your couch.


I will be using this again in the situations mentioned above, especially after a hurricane, since I live in Florida. The privacy curtains are a nice touch that are needed, depending on where you sleep.