Upgraded! TESBEAUTY Mattress for Tesla Model 3, High Density Foam & Memory Foam - TESBEAUTY
Upgraded! TESBEAUTY Mattress for Tesla Model 3, High Density Foam & Memory Foam - TESBEAUTY
Upgraded! TESBEAUTY Mattress for Tesla Model 3, High Density Foam & Memory Foam - TESBEAUTY
Upgraded! TESBEAUTY Mattress for Tesla Model 3, High Density Foam & Memory Foam - TESBEAUTY
Upgraded! TESBEAUTY Mattress for Tesla Model 3, High Density Foam & Memory Foam - TESBEAUTY
Upgraded! TESBEAUTY Mattress for Tesla Model 3, High Density Foam & Memory Foam - TESBEAUTY

Like New TESBEAUTY Mattress for Tesla Model 3, High Density Foam & Memory Foam


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Please note that in this listing, we are selling the like new model 3 mattress. Like new means the item is never used or only tried by the former buyer. We ensure that when we call it like new, the product is still in the original condition. Maybe the box that contains the product may not be new due to shipping.

 ATTENTION: Like-new products are not returnable.

Designed particularly for Tesla Model 3, 100% fit, can be stored in the hidden trunk or in the frunk. Space saving.

Two kinds of foams applied, high density foam and memory foam. More supportive yet still compressible to be stored in the bottom trunk.

We make the storage bag a real cooler which can keep drinks/food cold/fresh up to 24-48 hours, depending on how much ice you use.

Cube ice in the cooler/insulated bag won't melt up to 12-24 hours. More importantly, when the ice melts, the bag won't leak.

High count thread cotton sheet makes a huge difference as well. We upgraded the sheet too. It's very soft, super comfortable fitted sheet for the camping mattress is provided. Beat all similar camping sheets out there.

The foam we use responses fast. We make the mattress 2.16" in the factory. We can't make it thicker otherwise the carrying case can't be zippered and can't be stored in the bottom trunk. When you just received it, it has been squashed in the bag for maybe 2 months. It will expand to this thickness after a week or so by not compressing it.

Though it sounds like 2.16" is thin, it's supportive as we use the high density foam. Other sellers may say their mattress is 2.6" but their foam is too soft. We did the comparison for you. 2.6" soft foam is not as supportive as the 2.16" high density foam. We want to make the high density foam 2.6", but the storage in the bottom trunk doesn't allow. High density can't be too thick otherwise it can't be compressed. But trust us, the 2.16" high density foam is supportive enough.

Designed Particularly for Tesla Model 3

  • Expertly designed for the Tesla Model 3, our mattress delivers a custom 100% fit and stores conveniently in the frunk or hidden trunk. The space-saving design maximizes your Tesla's storage.
  • Our mattress features high density foam for support and memory foam for comfort. The compressible foam construction allows for easy storage when not in use.
  • The included insulated storage bag keeps food and drinks cold for 24-48 hours. It's durable leak-proof lining retains melting ice with no mess or leaks.
  • The included luxurious high thread count cotton sheet provides softness and breathability. The fitted sheet ensures the mattress stays snugly in place.
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Upgraded Anti-slip Bottom

For all other sellers who are selling the Tesla mattresses, either their mattress will slip away during your sleep (sliding towards your feet) or they anti-slip stripe will destroy your car trunk carpet.

For TESBEAUTY upgraded model 3 mattress, we use the one, shown in the picture, that it won't damage your trunk carpet, and it works so well to stop the mattress from sliding.


Upgraded Foam--High Density & Memory Foam

The most amazing thing we updated about the new mattress is about the foam.

We know customers complain the most about mattress not being supportive.

We tested thousands of times to find a balance between being supportive and being compressible.

We wanted to use all high density foam and to make it very thick, however, it then can't be compressed into the carrying bag and the bag can't be stored in the frunk/hidden trunk.

After testing a lot of times, we found a perfect combination of two kinds of foams.

The foam sounds not thick, because we have to ensure it can be stored in the Model 3 frunk/hidden trunk. But it's supportive enough due to the hardness of the middle pads which can support your back and hips better.


Can Be Stored in the Frunk and in the Bottom Trunk

We didn't make the mattress as thick as we want because we know it is very important for you to store the mattress into the frunk or into the bottom trunk to make it space-saving.

Yet we still made the foam pads as thick as we can. So you have to use your body weight to compress the mattress as lower as you can.

Use all your strength to compress the foam pads to the lowest to ensure it can be stored in the hidden trunk as model 3's hidden trunk and the frunk are really short!


Upgraded Carry Case-- Dual Purpose

Whether you will need the carrying case to be a cooler or not, it's a very well made carrying case first of all.

A lot of customers told us the carrying case to be a cooler it's very helpful, useful in their daily life. For example, when they run errands to the grocery store, they don't need to go home to fetch a cooler if they suddenly want to buy some ice cream or sea food and any other fridge food.

Due to the special packing design, even without the carrying case, the mattress can be packed to be very small. You can just toss the mattress into your car, and have the carrying case to hold your fridge food.



There are a lot of sellers who are selling Tesla camping mattress. Why we have confidence in our products? Why we suggest you to try our products?

Because we always think about things from the perspective of customers. Our top priority is not to make huge profits, our priority is to get your positive feedback and make you be happy with your purchase from us.

To make quality, comfortable, helpful, and beautiful Tesla accessories is our top priority.

You can trust such a company if they put customers first.